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Safe title

By default, the safe is locked with a digital code. Your task is to collect all digital codes to solve the puzzle and when all the codes are collected then the safe will be opened to get its contents. To pick up a digital code for the safe, you need to move, teleport and combinatory the digital blocks together, at the same time take into account gravity and time bombs that can destroy walls. If you make a mistake when solving a puzzle, you can try again. Remember that the number of attempts to collect a digital code and time is limited. The game supports two save modes by checkpoints or passed levels. The complete game distribution includes 60 levels.



  • Unlimited gameplay
  • Additionals levels
  • Custom gameplay levels
  • Built in high score table
  • Free updates


  • Windows 10 or newer
  • 1.7 GHz processor with 4 logical CPU cores or faster
  • 4 Gb RAM or more
  • 1 Gb Video Memory with shader model: 4.0 or more
  • DirectX 10.0 or newer
  • 150 Mb free disk space or more
  • Sound card (OpenAL compatible)
  • XInput 9.1.0 for support XBox controller - Optional;


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